Eugene Gushchin

Copy of Plotnet Prints

Plotnet has approached me with an idea to use their extensive connections in the design world to create a digital platform for artists that can sell their artwork. Coupled with the firm’s more than 20 years of printing expertise, it would create a solid foundation for a new business.


The idea isn’t new, so we embraced the challenge to figure out a unique niche that will help stand out from competitors.

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Design system

With the creative direction from Mucho, I have designed a brand that really embraced the rectangular shape of the printed piece and played it out through the logo, grid system, patterns and other design elements.





I have designed packaging for the artwork that extends brand values beyond the screen and provides tangible representation of what Plotnet Prints stands for.


Colors and materials

My approach was simple, let the artwork shine and the packing be an expensive looking frame that underscore the value of the piece. I opted for soft matte black and white paper with either varnish or tone-on-tone printing on it.


Pattern and the wrapping paper

Pattern that is used extensively throughout the packaging system is constructed from a reversed logotype and strikes the intricate balance between the rhythm of the elements and visual variations, thus inviting the viewer to spend sometime figuring it out.


Tube design

The all white tube has a continuous varnished pattern that creates intricate yet subtle design element. Black matte metal caps on top and bottom are having logo and a company name printed in tone-on-tone technique.


Certificate of authenticity

Certificates mimics the layout of the cart, checkout and orders pages, effectively linking the two mediums together in the mind of the customer, thus reinforcing the brand.